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Our small, highly specialised and experienced team of completely independent education experts focuses solely on school placements in Hong Kong… and nothing else! We are perfectly placed to respond to your company’s needs in an agile, professional and totally personalised way, without bias or conflict of interest.

Expert Schools Consultancy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s top international schools are notoriously competitive. Unlike destinations such as Singapore, Dubai or Mainland China, schooling in Hong Kong has its own unique set of challenges for international assignees and locals alike:

  • Applications are often accepted/required at birth
  • No special consideration for most foreign passport holders
  • Expensive debentures (non-interest bearing loans) often required
  • Confusing array of curricula, application deadlines, application procedures and fee structures

All in all, this is often too little, too late – navigating these challenges requires expert guidance.

International assignees may be offered a school search consultant as an add-on bundled service through a large relocation firm. Even if senior enough to qualify, this arrangement is less than ideal as:

  • Only very senior assignees are covered
  • Families with very young children/babies are not covered
  • The service is not activated until months after a move was first considered and valuable time has been lost
  • Families with Chinese language education requirements are not well catered for
  • A short term, template approach is taken with an immediate placement being the measurement of success
  • Potential conflicts of interest arise where housing becomes the focus, rather than schooling
  • Consultants are often young and inexperienced
  • Consultants are handling large numbers of clients

Placements 2018/19

161 students placed for 2018/19 in: ESF, Harrow School, Hong Kong Academy, Chinese International School, Independent Schools Foundation Academy, American School Hong Kong, Yew Chung International School, Renaissance College, International Montessori School, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Canadian International School, Hong Kong International School, Island Christian Academy, Nord Anglia International School and more.
Fewer than 10 of these placements required a priority debenture.

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Our Trusted Partners

Over the years we have developed good working relationships with a small select group of trusted partners providing complementary services. We’d be delighted to refer you.

Our partners specialise in the following areas:

  • Home Search
  • Relocation
  • Chinese Language Enhancement
  • Kong Visas / Immigration
  • English Language Enhancement
  • Nanny Service
  • Foreign Domestic Helper

  • Family Therapy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Social Emotional Skills
  • University Counselling

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