“Good knowledge of and contacts at HK primary and secondary schools. Made school selection process a lot easier. Don’t think I would have gotten acceptances without her help. Highly recommended!!”

AE, Hong Kong

“Ruth was a huge help with her advice and steer in respect of navigating the minefield that is HK education. Ruth is an absolute professional and knows all there is know when is comes to HK schools. I have absolutely no reservations in endorsing her and would recommend you reach out to her for advice or assistance to help secure the right school for your children.”

JB, Hong Kong

“The whole application process was very stressful, but with Ruth’s help and advice, it made the school selection process so much easier. After our first meeting, Ruth was quick to analyze and generate a long, detailed list of international schools meeting our requirements. Ruth was a huge help throughout the process and gave me a lot of support.”

Mrs Fung, Hong Kong

“As we were moving countries I just saw it as a necessary cost but I did wonder if you were the best out of all the services. Your quick response times and availability to chat etc assured me we made the right choice. I appreciated your capacity to calm me down on the occasions I thought I was not applying to enough schools and generally panicking about things generally. Thank you for being sensible and straightforward.”

SM, London, UK

“The application process for your child’s education in Hong Kong can be overwhelming and stressful. With Ruth’s help, my wife and I were able to eliminate a lot of the uncertainty and most importantly achieve peace of mind that we’re doing what’s best for our child. With Ruth’s expertise, we have avoided a lot of wasted time and energy.”

EP, Hong Kong.

“We would like to thank you very much for your help with finding a new school for P. You have been professional, efficient, informative and reassuring throughout this search and we really value the personal touch you have. Thank you again Ruth, you’ve been great and I hope that we will stay in touch.”

SF, Hong Kong

“Ruth’s work (and passion) is in helping to navigate the complexities of the school process. Some parents have the time, resources and stamina to do it on their own, while others think having someone who has the experience, breadth of knowledge and who is in-tune with the market by their side to assist in developing a tactical plan is invaluable. Given the risks and what seems to be an increasing need to have a plan A, B, C and sometime D months (if not years) in advance, it may be worth contacting her for specific advice.”

David T, Hong Kong

“It is very stressful with this schooling thing and I am so glad we got you to help.”

FP, Hong Kong

“With help and advice, it made the school selection process easier.”

SF, Hong Kong
EL, Hong Kong
Dan Shapiro, Head of Barclays Working Families Network Hong Kong

"I would like to extend another thank you to you for arranging and to Nicola and Sarah who came to talk to our parents today. They are both so full of energy and enthusiasm! They tackle quite a heavy and serious subject in such a positive way. The parents were very complimentary afterwards. Lots of questions well answered again as they have so much knowledge about so many schools and options."

Mary Scarborough, PIPS Parkview

"Your vast school knowledge coupled with sage advice has benefited hundreds of Hong Kong and overseas families over the years. Kendall Preschool treasures our budding partnership with Top Schools but most importantly - we value your continued support to make learning better for all children!"

Dr Wil Chan, Founder of Kendall International Preschool

"I would like to THANK YOU very much for coming last Friday to our office, we could see how engaged the audience was; their feedback was super positive!"

Kiki Simonsen, Google
Lilly Xiong , Jefferies LLC
Mary Scarborough, PIPS Parkview