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Nurturing individuality – Sending your children to different schools has its advantages

Parents choose different schools for their children for many reasons. They often don’t do so deliberately yet, when faced with this as a necessity, it turns out to be a positive experience. As a decision, it may come down to the child’s personality, curriculum, learning “style”, class size or location. A growing number of parents… View Article

Experiencing the joy of learning at Hong Kong Academy

Sponsored Post: At HKA, we believe that learning should be fun. Students of all ages at HKA experience the joy of learning as they stretch themselves and apply their knowledge in ways that are meaningful and relevant. HKA teachers help students open the doors of their own creativity as they hone their problem-solving skills. As… View Article

Eight reasons why it’s an A* for Harrow Hong Kong’s Sixth Form

Sponsored Post: Year 13 pupil, Morgan Jack, explains why the Sixth Form (Years 12-13) at Harrow Hong Kong provides the perfect preparation for university and life beyond. 1.  Excellence We all want to achieve the very best of our potential and give ourselves choices in life. At Harrow Hong Kong, the A-level grades are outstanding,… View Article

The Empire Strikes Back: The Growth of Cricket in Hong Kong

Sponsored Post: The growth of the British Empire introduced many new things to the world including the ‘gentlemen’s game’ of cricket. Widely recognised for teaching persistence, strength, camaraderie and sportsmanship, cricket is a sport now played by a staggering 220 million men and women across the globe. Second only to football in terms of the… View Article

How to Go Round and Round the Garden Without Getting Dizzy: Making a plan for early childhood education

Raising youngsters is largely about nurturing personal growth – kindergarten is a German word meaning ‘garden of children’ – but not all flora flourishes under the same conditions. When creating an education plan for your child, there’s no point planning too far ahead. The process is daunting enough without the burden of trying to predict… View Article

The power of play: can kids really LEARN through having fun?

In today’s world, most educators would argue that we should be encouraging children to play at every opportunity. Yet many Hong Kong parents – and some schools – continue to undervalue the educational value of play, often believing in a false dichotomy that “play is play” and “learning is learning”. This quiet resistance to play… View Article

Forget the BEST School; Find the BEST FIT School

If we had a dollar for every time we’re asked “What’s the best school in Hong Kong?”. There is no such thing! We don’t have any rankings and the best school for your colleague’s / cousin’s / best friend’s kid is quite possibly the absolute worst school for your kid. So, if we focus on… View Article

A quick and easy way to assess if your child is receiving sufficient exposure in English

Are you hoping to raise a native English speaking child in a home where English is a minority language? Here’s a very common scenario: Your first language is not English; it may be Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese or any other langauge. You do speak English – perhaps almost to native level – and you want your… View Article

Top Schools Sai Kung Community Education Event highlights strong support for the EYFS

Born ready to learn and interested in the world around them, deciding which early learning school will provide the best-fit for their children is an exciting, yet daunting experience every Hong Kong parent needs to make. Aware that a child’s well-being, happiness and resilience can be profoundly affected by the quality of the early-learning they… View Article

Play now and thrive later – Yew Chung International School’s early learning philosophy underpins sought after skills for the 21st century

Committed to providing a nurturing, holistic, dual English and Chinese language environment, Yew Chung International School (YCIS) Early Childhood Education Section (ECE) believes its defining early learning proposition is its play-based activities that inspire inquisitiveness and creativity that can help children to thrive in the future. “So often we hear about the importance of allowing children… View Article

Nord Anglia International School – enriching learning experiences beyond the ordinary

Sponsored Post: With each child treated as a unique individual, the key aim at the Nord Anglia InternationalSchool (NAIS) and early learning campuses in Hong Kong is to ensure that every student is provided with the most personalised learning experience possible. NAIS principal Brian Cooklin says the recently opened Nord Anglia Early Years campus located… View Article

Mills International Preschool MindUp programme helps young learners to stay in tune with their emotions

Sponsored Post: Not only do young learners at Mills International Preschool enjoy a play-based, active learning environment delivered through the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), they are also helped to discover how to cope with different types of emotions and stress young learners are likely to encounter. For instance, when young children come across… View Article

Malvern College Preschool Hong Kong recognises the importance of outdoor learning during the early years

Sponsored Post: Believing that you can never start good habits too early, Malvern College Hong Kong Preschool’s educational philosophy is focused on developing life-long learning by encouraging each child’s curiosity, open-mindedness, resilience and collaboration. In addition, recognising the importance of outdoor play for young children’s healthy physical and mental growth, Malvern is the first school… View Article

Leading Lights: Scholarships at American School Hong Kong

Sponsored Post: Winning financial support for a child to attend one of Hong Kong’s prestigious international schools is a dream scenario for countless Hong Kong families. Likewise, schools view scholarships as a means to attract the best and brightest talent to their campuses, and to create opportunities for those who might otherwise be unable to… View Article

More Time for Play: Making Sense of the EYFS

Getting it right in the early years of a child’s educational journey has become widely accepted as integral to improving long-term outcomes. Perhaps due to a combination of a Confucian ethic and neo-liberal economic influence, Hong Kong’s schools have a reputation for intensive preparation from a young age, and a worrying tendency to overburden children… View Article

SCMP: Primary-only nurture ‘ bigger’ fish

Article published on as : Primary-only schools square up to through schools in battle for pupils

Keeping the Faith in Hong Kong’s Religious Schools

Religious schools are often shrouded in mystery to those outside the faith. Yet faith-based schools are often well placed to meet the needs of a broader cohort, largely due to the fact that many religious values mesh neatly with the basic moral tenets of education, such as learning, integrity, wisdom and service. Belief in the… View Article

Chess In Schools: Making the Right Move

Sponsored Post: Claimed to be the oldest game in the world, the ancient pastime of chess has a long, rich history. Debatably originating in India in the 6th century and spreading quickly through China, the Middle East, and eventually Europe, the ultimate game of strategy has thrived across the world for centuries – including in… View Article

Scholarships: A helping hand?

Sponsored Post: As the tuition fees at prestigious international schools continue to rise in Hong Kong, it makes sense that families look for ways to subsidise the significant costs. Schools value the breadth and expertise of their own student cohorts as education experts agree that enrolling high-performing individuals from a range of backgrounds can have a… View Article

Sai Kung Community Education Event: EYFS Experience Day – 20 January 2018

Top Schools is bringing together Sai Kung district schools for a packed program of educational activities and informative, interactive sessions for the whole family. At Hebe Haven Yacht Club, local kindergartens and schools offering the Early Years Foundation Stage from the UK will show children and parents EYFS in action. Aimed at parents of children… View Article